Brownlee: Inquiry or Stand Down?

Posted on October 26, 2012 by admin in John Minto, Press Releases

“The fraud case involving NZ Casino Services Ltd has now claimed another figure in the National Party – Gerry Brownlee” claims MANA Vice President John Minto.

“Revelations today that the third most powerful politician in the country, Gerry Brownlee, was a director of NZ Casino Services Ltd now begs the question what action John Key is prepared to take to restore public confidence in a Minister who is currently responsible for the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery, Earthquake Commission, Transport and who is also Leader of the House?”

“The involvement of Brownlee follows news that another prominent National Party member, President Peter Goodfellow, was also involved in the company as a Director. Given the intent of the company to takeover Sky City, the activities of Brownlee and Goodfellow raise serious questions around ethical standards and their suitability to remain in the positions they currently hold. I’m not sure what is worse for a current minister; the fact that he was comfortable being director of the company in question or the admission that he failed to carry out any research on a company he was happy to govern?”

“Brownlee was Chair of the National Party’s Strategy Committee in 2007. Was he strategising the takeover Sky City by NZ Casinos Ltd by legislation? Today’s admission also raises serious questions around the backroom deal between Sky City and the Government involving the exchange of a new convention centre for pokie machines. When was Sky City aware of Brownlee’s involvement in NZ Casinos Ltd and the company’s intent to supplant them as the biggest operators of casinos in New Zealand? Were the pokie machines offered an attempt to placate any potential fallout between the Government and Sky City?”

“The range of options available to Key range from an inquiry to standing Brownlee down as a Minister. Brownlee’s involvement in NZ Casinos Ltd raise more questions than answers, answers that the public deserve responses to”.

“Judged on Key’s desperation to remain in power however, his most likely reaction will be to follow the low ethical standards he has established for ministers who serve under him. First was John Banks; now you can add Gerry Brownlee to the list”.


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