Age is a major factor in harm done by alcohol

Posted on October 24, 2012 by admin in Hone Harawira, Press Releases

“In the same way that I supported age being an issue in the reduction of harm from tobacco, so too do I think that age should be an issue in the reduction of harm from alcohol. That’s why I proposed a review of the age for purchase of alcohol in 5 years ” said MANA Leader and MP for Te Tai Tokerau Hone Harawira after speaking to his amendment to the Alcohol Reform Bill being debated in Parliament this week.

“Back in August a majority in Parliament voted that the age for purchase of alcohol remain at 18, and although I spoke against it I accept the majority view. My proposal was simply to review that decision in five years”.

“I had also hoped to table a proposal that alcohol not be sold in supermarkets and dairies but unfortunately technical difficulties prevented me from doing so” said Harawira “but I am committed to a programme of reducing the harm that alcohol causes in our society”.

“Although my proposal for a review of the age in five years was defeated, I was grateful for the support from NZ First, the Greens and the majority of the Labour team, and I have signalled my support for the proposals that they are tabling to reduce the impact of alcohol on whanau as well”.

Harawira said that the key issues of advertising, price, access, and age featured in the 2009 Law Commission’s recommendations and that Parliament needed to focus on these areas if it was to have any real impact on harmful drinking.

“Alcohol is killing a lot of our kids and MANA will support every effort to address it”.


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