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Best 5 Reel Pokies in New Zealand

5 reels pokies

One of the most popular New Zealand online pokies are the 5-reel pokies. The prototype of modern online pokies is an automatic slot machine, created a hundred years ago in the USA. With five reel pokies, there is more design space for game creators to develop this kind of game and its features, make it more fun, more entertaining, and more profitable for both a player and a casino.

In the mid-60’s technologies took the place of the classic machines, and these slots have become popular in the world of casino games.

So, why are 5-reel pokies so popular? This popularity has many reasons. Firstly, online pokies players can get extra pokies bonuses, including multipliers and jackpots. 5-reel online pokies provide the newbies and the professional players with the best opportunities in the world of gambling. You can spend your time not only playing for fun, but also for a profit. New Zealand online pokies give you a great opportunity to try the best games.

How to play 5-Reel pokies?

5-reel online pokies are based on the random number generator system. It provides a random combination every time the slot is running. The player’s goal is to guess the moment when the combination will match, bet on the right line, and get a profit. The more lines match, the higher the payout is.

All you need to know is the tips to increase your chances of winning. They are the following:

  1.   Choose only proven and reliable services that guarantee not only great winnings, but the protection of your private information.
  2.   Check how it works in the demo version to get high chances of winning, if you want to play 5-reel pokies for real money.
  3.   If the bankroll allows — use maxbet.
  4.   Use all the bonuses that the casino offers.
  5.   Know exactly when you should stop.

In conclusion, experienced players pay their attention to the technical characteristics of New Zealand online pokies. RTP is the key factor. So, it is worth spending some time in order to study this issue. In modern 5-reel pokies it is easy to find proposals with RTP of 96-98%, which increases the total amount of payouts.

Why play 5-Reel Pokies?

5 reels

There are some aspects which you should pay attention to. Before start playing 5-reel online pokies, you have to bear in mind that New Zealand 5-reel pokies have the following peculiarities:

  •       Paylines or Winning Opportunities

You can choose how many paylines to have per every spin. There are some 5-reel free pokies that feature ‘soft’ paylines. It means you don’t need to have matching symbols on paylines to win. The same symbol just needs to be shown across all 5 reels.

  •       Graphics and Sounds

Traditional 3-reel pokies can’t offer you the high-qualitative sounds. They have only bell sounds and chimes in case you win.

But when it comes to five reel pokies, there is always an offer on the table: HD graphics, animations and even scenes from popular movies, cartoons and books.

Some New Zealand online pokies have special music for additional bonus games.

  •       Low/High Volatility

Volatility is the win or loss frequency. A machine that has low volatility will pay out more often, but the sum it pays out is less than a machine with high volatility. If you play 5-reel pokies, keep in mind that they will pay out much more, but less often. In other words, their volatility is high.

As a rule, most of such pokies are characterized by high volatility machines. It’s not far from the truth, especially when it comes to progressive jackpot machines that do not pay often, but when they do, it’s quite a lot. Not all pokies of such kind have high volatility. You need to find it out when you start playing.

  •       Jackpot Opportunities

Five reel pokies are perfect for those who are looking for really big jackpot opportunities. The jackpot prizes in these online pokies can reach up to millions, opposed to 3-reel pokies jackpots that do not exceed a few thousand NZD as a top prize.

So, these are the main reasons to play five reel pokies. Start now and try your hand at playing!

Top 10 5-reel pokies

New Zealand casinos online offer a wide range of licensed 5-reel pokies. Different providers pay attention to various aspects, so it may require some time to choose the best pokies.

We’ve checked the best New Zealand pokies and chosen top 10 5-reel pokies:

  1.   50 Dragons
  2.   Big Red
  3.   Starbust
  4.   Indian Dreaming
  5.   Big Bad Wolf
  6.   Lucky 88
  7.   50 Lions
  8.   Where’s the gold
  9.   Fistcuffs
  10. Cinerama

Among the variety of New Zealand pokies there is a game which will suit each player.

Free Pokies FAQ


Where to play 5-reel pokies?

You can play free online pokies in Australia at any trusted casino site or via mobile app. 5-reel pokies sites offer the games from the world’s leading providers. New Zealand 5-reel pokies have a range of options and themes for every Kiwi player.

How to play 5-reel pokies?

If you decide to play 5-reel pokies, bear in mind that the rules of games are the same at all online casinos. All you need is bet a definite amount of money and choose the number of active lines, and then start playing and winning real money.

Can I play 5-reel pokies for real money?

Yes, you can play 5-reel pokies for real money.  All you need is to make a deposit or activate a bonus.

What are some tips for 5-reel pokies?

  1. Choose only proven and reliable services and check how pokies work in the demo version to get high chances of winning.
  2. If the bankroll allows — use maxbet.
  3. Use all the bonuses that the casino offers and know exactly when you should stop.

What are the top 5-reel pokies?

These are:

  1.   50 Dragons
  2.   Big Red
  3.   Starbust
  4.   Indian Dreaming
  5.   Big Bad Wolf