Policy | Foreign policy

MANA believes that the relationships between Aotearoa New Zealand and other peoples and countries must be shaped by our ethics of solidarity and manaakitanga and our vision for a just future, not by the interests of major powers and their corporations as happens now.  Foreign corporations control too much of our country, making them rich at the expense of our jobs, natural resources, public assets and our sovereignty. New Zealand governments send troops fight the super-powers’ wars in other countries but fail to condemn abuses of human rights, especially of Indigenous Peoples, elsewhere. Free trade and investment treaties are treated as sacred, while te Tiriti and international rights of indigenous peoples remain unenforceable.

MANA stands for an ethical foreign policy that includes:

  • Make New Zealand’s support for the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples unconditional
  • Withdrawal of New Zealand military from all countries where they are engaged in combat or supporting roles for externally instigated wars.
  • Terminate all current negotiations for free trade and investment agreements, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.
  • Explore alternative models for international collaboration based on the economics of solidarity, starting with the South Pacific.
  • Work with indigenous peoples to develop alternative constitutional arrangements that recognise and protect indigenous sovereignty.
  • Require any foreign investment to satisfy a Tiriti impact assessment and approval from mana whenua.
  • A ‘Hone Heke’ tax to restrict speculation on the New Zealand dollar that makes investors rich while destabilizing the New Zealand economy.